Contract Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions For Telephone Support Contract


  1. i)  Response time and call-out, as used in this document, are interchangeable terms and refer to a maximum time for taking your call to attending the fault report on your site.
  2. ii)  The term ‘Third Party’ equipment refers to non-Apple equipment made for use on or with Apple equipment.
  3. iii)  These Terms and Conditions are not negotiable after the Contract has been signed.


  1. i)  Implementation of the contract will take place at the equipment location address as stated below.
  2. ii)  iFixApple will prioritise and try to respond within one working day from the report of fault and will incur a call out fee plus hourly charge. (Currently £60.00 per hour on-site)
  3. iii)  iFixApple will make all adjustments and repairs and provide any parts necessary at additional cost to restore the equipment to good working order. If the equipment is not able to be repaired on-site, loan equipment can be supplied at additional cost. This loan equipment will remain the property of iFixApple, and must be insured at the customer’s cost, against full replacement/repair costs if the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged whilst in their care no matter howsoever caused.
  4. iv)  In the event of hard disk failures, iFixApple will attempt to recover data, but cannot guarantee success of such an attempt.
  5. v)  iFixApple consider a contract to be a partnership, and would expect both parties to be involved in discussions and negotiations as seem necessary to promote ‘good will’. Further, it is in everyone’s interest to relax some of the formality of the contract as seems appropriate and agreeable to both parties.


  1. i)  Any attempt to make repairs, modifications or alterations to equipment, other than those designed to be performed by the operator, by any other party will invalidate the agreement.
  2. ii)  iFixApple will charge for all parts deemed ‘consumable’.
  3. iii)  Telephone support is limited up to 30mins a day and 4 hours in any 1 month, outside this will be chargeable for every 30 minutes (Currently £30 per 30 minutes).
  4. iV)  The contract period will be as stated for one year from date of full payment. No refund can be made for any reason.


  1. i)  All components or parts replaced as a result of misuse, abuse, improper operation maintenance or, for reasons other than fair wear and tear, shall be quoted for by iFixApple, who will need a written authorisation to proceed, against which iFixApple will invoice.
  2. ii)  Software and Virus infection problems are not covered by this agreement.
  3. iii)  This contract excludes all networking cabling.