File Sharing

DSM provides fast and secure ways to share your critical digital assets. With File Station, you can share files on your Synology NAS to anyone, and customize access permissions for optimal security. File Station makes it easy to sharefiles across multiple platforms — whether it's Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® computers or mobile devices.


Seamless synchronization between private and public clouds

Cloud Sync enables you to seamlessly connect your local Synology NAS to public cloud services or on-premise storage through Amazon S3 API, OpenStack Swift, or WebDAV protocols. With Cloud Sync, you can enhance the collaboration when accessing between your local NAS and other remote cloud services, and can efficiently and easily back up data from or to public clouds.


NAS Protection

Potect data on NAS against the unexpected hardware failure, natural distaster and accidental deletion

Snapshot Replication

Snapshot Replication provides schedulable, near-instantaneous data protection, ensuring business data in shared folders, and virtual machines in iSCSI LUNs, remain safe and available in the event of disaster.

Synology High Availability

Unexpected service disruptions can cost your company big as well as cause logistical headaches for your IT department. Synology High Availability (SHA) alleviates these issues and delivers a hassle-free method to mirror data and maximize your service uptime. SHA is available on select Synology NAS.

Synology Hyper Backup

Ensuring data safety on your Synology NAS requires a reliable backup plan. With Hyper Backup, retrieving data from multiple recovery points with minimized storage consumption is never a big challenge.



Enjoy your Photos, Videos and Music files throgh and intuitive web and mobile interface no matter where you are.

Audio Station

Enjoy high-quality playback, listen to radios, manage own music collection, create personal playlist and share with friends on Audio Station and its mobile app DS audio everywhere.

Photo Station

Photo Station lets you efficiently manage photo storage, share and access files on the go, collect client feedback, and do a lot more.

Video Station

Video Station helps you manage all the movies, TV shows, and home videos on your Synology NAS. Moreover, it can stream videos to various devices — computers, smartphones, media players, and TVs — to provide you with non-stop, fun watching experience.

Moments [-NEW-]

Gather all your photos and videos in one private place and organize them in an entirely new way. Synology Moments opens a new era for photo storage, allowing random photos to be automatically sorted by an image-recognizing technique that can identify the people, subjects, and places in the photos.


Data Backup

Protect personal data on computers, and business data on VMware, Windows endpoints, and SaaS applications.

Personal Backup

Synology NAS protects data stored on any device, whether it's a Windows computer, Mac, or other devices.

Active Backup for Business

Consolidate backup tasks for physical and virtual environments, and rapidly restore files, entire machines, or VMs when necessary – completely free of licenses on compatible NAS models.

Active Backup for Office 365

Take complete control over Office 365 data with an on-premises backup solution to protect your data in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, emails, contacts, and calendar.

Active Backup for G Suite

Active Backup for G Suite allows businesses to control and protect corporate data stored on G Suite. Mail, contacts, calendar, and Drive data can be backed up and centralized to Synology NAS, protecting against accidental events and satisfying data retention needs.



Provide a complete virtualization solution with Virtual Machine Manager.

Storage for Virtualization

Synology provides storage solutions for virtual environments of high performance and reliability. These solutions ensure the continuity and efficiency of business for large and demanding enterprises.

Virtual Machine Manager

Virtual Machine Manager opens up abundant possibilities. You can set up and run various virtual machines, including Windows, Linux, or Virtual DSM, on one Synology NAS. What's more, you can also test a new software version in a sandbox environment, isolate your customers' machines, or increase the flexibility of your server.


A lightweight software containerization solution powered by Docker Inc. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, Synology delivers even more packages for seamless deployment on your NAS, such as Redmine or GitLab.


Data Security

Industry-leading security solutions defend your NAS from sophisticated threats.

Military Grade Shared Folder Encryption

To secure your business data from potential malicious users, DSM adopts the AES 256-bit military grade encryption technology to store your data in a format protected by an encryption key.

Network Security

Connecting a NAS to the Internet greatly increases its convenience and possible uses, but caution must be exercised to protect it from outside attacks. With DSM, you can block unusual attempts to enter your NAS in a highly customizable manner.

Let's Encrypt® Integration

SSL certificates are an essential part of any modern website and ensure a secure connection. However they can be hard to apply for, renew, and manage due to a lack of integration. In addition, certificates for multiple domains can quickly represent a noticeable expense. To address these concerns, Let's Encrypt® is aimed at simplifying SSL certificate management and providing them for free. DiskStation Manager is now integrated with Let’s Encrypt®, making it easier to apply for and manage SSL certificates.