File Management

Store, manage, synchronize, archive, and find your files with QNAP NAS

File Station

Manage your files using your web browser using a familiar web-based interface, File Station provides all the features needed to be the best file manager!

Centralize your files

Besides accessing NAS-based files, File Station allows you to easily browse and manage files from multiple sources, including USB storage, mobile phones, optical disc drives and more. This allows you to quickly and easily move them to the NAS for centralized storage and management.



QNAP’s block-based snapshots provide a fast and easy data backup and recovery solution to protect from data loss and potential malware attacks. Restoring all data in a volume using snapshots is up to 10 times faster than restoring the data by copying it from a backup source. Snapshot protection is available for both x86 and ARM-based QNAP NAS with at least 1GB RAM!

Powerful Storage & Snapshots Manager

Storage & Snapshots Manager introduces visualized snapshot management, and helps back up and restore data to any point of time to prevent losing important data.

Mitigate the growing threat of ransomware

Ransomware is a rising threat against both business and home users that targets computers and network-based devices. QNAP NAS is a dependable backup center that includes comprehensive backup features and supports point-in-time snapshots to help individuals and organizations protect important data, restore files, and avoid downtime. If ransomware attacks or an unexpected situation arises on your system, you can quickly and easily revert back to the previous state that the snapshot has recorded.



Enjoy your cherished collection of media files in your home, on your mobile device or from your laptop whenever away from home. Your QNAP NAS is your own private cloud for your movies, video, photos and files that is securely at your fingertips anywhere and anytime.

Centralized Storage and Backup for Photographers

Photos can be small glimpses of our lives. After time, these glimpses can pile up and take up some space. So how can you ensure a safe storage for your photo collection? QNAP NAS offers a wide array of photo storage solutions for both amateur and professional photographers.

The Best Storage Solution for Apple Users

Your Mac is with you when you are sharing files with friends and colleagues, when you are streaming photos, videos and music to other devices, and when you backup your files with time machine. A QNAP NAS is more than a central storage hub. Powered by the elegant and intuitive QTS operating system, QNAP NAS is your easy-to-use, customizable personal server with a comprehensive range of solutions including a very capable file manager, backup manager, multimedia center, and a lot more! All available to you without needing complicated IT knowledge. A QNAP NAS can magically simplify your life.


Migrate to the Cloud with QNAP

Realize the limitless potential of hybrid-cloud applications

From data storage, file sharing, remote access, to remote backup – the cloud is a crucial player in modern IT. QNAP provides various cloud solutions that integrate public cloud services to work with QNAP NAS, assisting enterprises in implementing hybrid-cloud applications with greater cost-efficiency, flexibility, and security.

Cloud Storage Gateway x Cloud Storage Mount

Perfectly integrate private and public cloud storage, deploy a highly cost-effective, elastic, and secure hybrid cloud storage environment


Digital Workflow

QNAP NAS helps you achieve great things by centrally managing multiple email accounts, calendars, and contact information. 

QNAP NAS Simplifies Your Digital Workflows

Working in mobile and multi-cloud environments is challenging enough without the time-consuming efforts required to track and manage emails, calendars, and contact information stored across multiple devices and services. Not only do QNAP’s Digital Workflow Solutions integrate multiple email accounts, calendars, and contacts to provide centralized storage and management of this crucial information, they also provide modern and convenient methods for traveling/remote workers to access NAS-based resources and avoid geographic restrictions.